Total Housing 2018 brings together our South East and London regions for the first time. We will be discussing and debating the issues that matter to you. The event will focus on all of the big issues and challenges in the region, and will feature four key content strands, including:

Join the debate on how we tackle everything from the acute shortage of an affordable homes; implications of the social housing green paper; modern maintenance; coping with welfare reform and sharing lessons from the continent. Delegates can look forward to a range of quality conference sessions delivered in a mix of interactive formats, so you can get the best out of your regional event!

We are creating new spaces within our central hub of the event, ensuring the emphasis for all attendees is on sharing knowledge, enhanced networking experiences and practical learning solutions. There will be a brand new fringe event which will be free to attend for CIH members.

The fringe will be physical and digital, and focused on the front line, with live content for virtual participation.

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